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All Thrift Stores, Secondhand Vintage and Consignment Shop Listings for in Zip Code 72802 Russellville, AR

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There is one lady there that is really nice. She has been there for a long time. There are several Hispanic workers there now- nothing against that at all, but they should not discuss the shoppers with each other in Spanish with the idea that the person they making derogatory comments about cannot understand them. I speak and understand Spanish, and it disturbed me that they were talking about me and also planning to take some of the merchandise home for themselves. People donate the items to make money to help battered women, not to feather the nests of the employees. (Read More)

0.2 mi
121 East Parkway
Russellville, AR 72801

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I have never had an issue with the staff. They have always been polite. I shop here weekly and almost always find something cool for a great price. (Read More)

0.8 mi
1205 S. Arkansas Ave.
Russellville, AR 72801

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1.2 mi
1801 South Arkansas
Russellville, AR 72801

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The prices at this store are just way too high. They are double what you will find at the other three stores in Russellville. One cashier there is very rude and acts like it's her own store. What a shame, since other Goodwill stores in Arkansas I have been to are much better. Must be the management. (Read More)

1.6 mi
2100 N. Arkansas Ave.
Russelville, AR 72802

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