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Sponsored Thrift Stores, Secondhand Vintage and Consignment Shop Listings in Zip Code 29624 Anderson, SC

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Pricing themselves out of business, prices on most things higher than Walmart, Dollar stores !!! (Read More)

26.9 mi
714 W. North 1st St.
Seneca, SC 29678

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I Do not like opening time of 10.00a.m., liked it better at 9.00a.m. (Read More)

31.9 mi
111 E. Windsor St.
Westminster, SC 29693

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I have found some very good deals here. If something has been there a while they are likely to give you a decent discount on it. I like the colored discount stickers too (20 and 50% off). Staff is friendly and helpful. Hopefully the new Taylors location (old BiHi near Taylors Walmart) will be more like Simpsonville and Greenville and less like Taylors old store. Blessings John 20:29 (Read More)

33.3 mi
1659 Woodruff Rd.
Greenville, SC 29607

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36.9 mi
3033 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Taylors, SC 29687

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All Thrift Stores, Secondhand Vintage and Consignment Shop Listings for in Zip Code 29624 Anderson, SC

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Goodwill is just a good front(name-org.).They treat employees like slaves,&they try brain washing them ,that they're doing so good for the community,&"they may not make $$",but instead they can feel good cause they helped community!!The CEO makes 500.000/yr.The vip'smake all the $$ & its all off our donations!! If you needed a pair of shoes,they won't even try to help you.This is the most greediest """non profit org.""there is.I will give my donations to the other org's,at least its not making the ""vip's""richer& hopefully it will help someone. (Read More)

3.6 mi
2901-A S. Main St.
Anderson, SC 29624

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This store is AMAZING, although I have to admit that anything that comes through the door that is in good condition is immediately marked up far beyond anything I would ever imagine paying. If you have a good eye and patience to look around and imagine something after fixing it up, this is the store for you. The store also offers a *CLEAN* restroom, which is a VERY nice change in thrifting. Employees are not super friendly, as you'd expect in such a charitable place. They are typically snotty housewives that need a break from their kids, it seems. (Read More)

5.4 mi
210 S. Murray Ave.
Anderson, SC 29624

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Could'nt ask for a better thrift store . (Read More)

5.6 mi
214 E. Orr St.
Anderson, SC 29622

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ridiculous prices. These items are DONATED. price accordingly, you greedy people. (Read More)

7.8 mi
3019 N. Main St.
Anderson, SC 29621

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The people working there are so helpful. I'm always find bargains. (Read More)

8.7 mi
3420 Clemson Blvd.
Anderson, SC 29625

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Who is pricing their inventory? Used merchandise at new prices? (Read More)

9.6 mi
416 S. Main St.
Belton, SC 29627

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If you hit it on the right day you can get SUPER deals. Bag sales are GREAT. Stuff as many clothes in a bag for 5 bucks!!! I've also outfitted my classroom library with novels for my students from here. Cheap way to do so!! Sometimes they are even Buy One Get One! (Read More)

14.8 mi
559 W. Main St.
Williamston, SC 29697

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