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All Thrift Stores, Secondhand Vintage and Consignment Shop Listings for in Zip Code 24228 Clintwood, VA

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Twice As Nice


Sometimes there's nothing in there and other times you go and find some good stuff with amazing deals. Hit or miss... (Read More)

0 mi
354 Clintwood Main St.
Clintwood, VA 24228

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The Attic


This is a pitiful place. It's one room with almost nothing in it. It remains open because it is ran by the county behavioral health services money (your taxes)! and supposedly puts adults with intellectual disabilities at "work." Sometimes they hang things on hangers while the grouchy lady that runs it fusses at them. The whole thing is sad and I can't believe it has remained open and with these conditions and that aggravating women working in there. If you can handle it, go see for yourself. (Read More)

0.9 mi
138 Park Pl.
Clintwood, VA 24228

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When this place opened, they didn't have much. Now it is one of my favorite places to visit. It's done nothing but improve. (Read More)

15 mi
205 Ridgeview Rd. S.W.
Wise, VA 24293

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