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Goodwill Outlet Store

1566 Moffett St., Salinas, CA 93905


Goodwill Industries

Charity Affiliation: Goodwill Redwood Empire


  • Mon : 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Tue : 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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1566 Moffett St.
Salinas , CA 93905

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This place is fabulous if you're looking for fabric, bedding or clothes and you're not afraid to dig. It is not supposed to look like a store, this is where Goodwill sends its unsold stuff to die. (And it's sometimes unbelievable what you can find that people have passed by.) It is a dirty warehouse with barn doors, and rows of giant (approx. 3'x5'x5') bins stuffed with anything made of fabric or shoes and purses. They go through the bins nightly. There is no organization except that the fabric rows are on one side of the building and the small appliances/dishes/books/notebooks/whatever else you can find is on the other. All big furniture stuff is left outside, even when it's raining. And the floor IS filthy. But you pay $5 for anything you can stuff into a paper grocery bag or $1/pound for fabric stuff. I have found matching designer bedding, a vintage chenille bedspread and clothes, excellent baby clothes and bedding, an antique book and lots of nice fabric here. Expect to find people methodically going through the bins.(And they are territorial about their piles.) There is a group of Hispanic people, I believe from a church organization, who come regularly and buy in bulk. Stuff that doesn't sell goes to a recycle center. I believe every couple of days but I'm not sure about that. It is serve yourself and the customer service is minimal, but they will give you large plastic trash bags, answer questions and help you find an outlet to check the functionality of electrical stuff.

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this place is dirty... but thats what so great about it. You never know what you will find while digging through the piles of junk, some totally awesome fabric.... or a some shards of glass. There are always employees yelling and driving this lift car around. Its pretty exciting... I would strongly advise washing your hands afterwards... but all in all its a dollar a pound! and sometimes the employees just give you a rough estimate on things.... which is always a great deal.

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I am a long time thrift shopper, but this place is just too skanky for me. And I know lots of people SWEAR by this place, but I'll take SOME organization and cleanliness with my thrifting please! God forbid you mistakenly start to go thru a pile that belongs to someone, egads! I did hear that they stopped charging admission, so that's a good thing. Go At Your Own Risk, Intrepid Thrifters!!