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255 Sierra Park Rd., Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546


Hospital / Hospice / VNA

Charity Affiliation: Hospital Mammoth


  • Mon : 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Tue : 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Wed : Closed
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255 Sierra Park Rd.
Mammoth Lakes , CA 93546

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This place is really something else the staff are both rude and racist.They have the tendency of going around looking at people of different ethnicities or color and getting up close and personal as if the person was going to steal something. When in all honesty they are just looking for things to buy, NOT everyone wants to steal (specially if they speak in another language)or take something ( I understand that this is a buisness but most things they have are given to them free not sold to them in anyway or acquired threw some kind of monetary compensation or trade). Another thing they also do is not sell things to you if your from diffrent color other than white ( An example being that I wanted to purchase some toys for my small brother. They said that the toys were not for sale and took them out of my hands and put them away on the shelf behind them and told me to get out I continued to leave the place and stood by the entrance between the exit doors and the entrance door not being out of the Building yet when I heard a (white) lady ask if the toy were for sell the ones she clearly did not want to sell me to which she responded "yes" and sold the toys to her for about 5 dollars each. I wanted to see if maybe I was wrong so I sent my cousin which had a more high skin tone than my and he had the exact same experience as mine. The other thing that they do is look up prices on amazon and ebay and sell the things more expansive or at the same price as these websites and get very very furious if you make an offer even if its something as simple as 1 dollar less than what they ask for they go crazy about this (once again these things are given to them Free). I cant believe this place is affiliated with Mammoth Hospital or is owned by them since they do have all the Hospitals logos around their store. Question is if the people running the place are employees or volunteers. An if they are they are getting some kind of thing out of the place since they are willing to sell things at high prices and protect "Their store" so much. Most of the community have had some kind of bad experience with this place.

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Love to shop here - everyone is nice and helpful. Volunteers clean and fix everything. Dont miss it. Best in Mammoth